What are the skills for the future?

National Erasmus+ event for the European Year ok Skills

What are the skills for the future?

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On Europe Day, on the occasion of the launch of the European Year of Skills, the Erasmus+ Space hosts one of the key moments of the Festival of Europe 2023 edition: the event “What skills for the future?” will focus on some of the European Year issues through an open debate among young people.

The event is organized by the Erasmus+ National Agency Indire, the University of Florence and the European University Alliance EUniWell, with the participation of National Agency for Youth, Erasmus+ National Agency Inapp and Education regional Authority.

The basic idea is to encourage discussion between university students and upper secondary school pupils, young people enrolled in vocational training courses or with volunteering and youth work experiences. The event also aims at raising awareness on Erasmus+ opportunities through stories and direct testimonies in various sectors of the Programme, with an emphasis on the value of transnational mobility experiences.

The program of the event includes opening speeches by Sara Pagliai, Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Indire Agency, representatives of the National Youth Agency and the Erasmus+ Inapp Agency and the contribution of Prof. Giorgia Giovannetti, Pro-Rector for Internationalization of the University of Florence. The discussion will then be animated by various contributions:

– Stories, experiences and reflections of the students of the University of Florence with respect to the skills, abilities, knowledge acquired or which the course of study should provide for preparation for the world of work;
– The EUniWell project, European University Alliance for well-being;
– The role of Erasmus mobility for the acquisition and strengthening of skills and soft skills, with testimonials and contributions also from young volunteers, secondary school pupils, young people in vocational training.

Moderated by Alessia Tripodi, journalist of Il Sole 24 ore and Francesco Spaccini, PH.D University of Perugia and speaker of RadioPhonica.

The event is open to all and participation is welcome. The Erasmus+ stand can accommodate up to 100 people.
Info and contacts: comunicazione@indire.it Erasmus+ Agency Indire Communic