Circus art workshops for children by the Erasmus+ Project TenRock

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Circus art workshops for children by the Erasmus+ Project TenRock

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On 6 and 7 May, the Erasmus+ Space will be animated by circus arts workshops for children, led by educators of the TenRock social cooperative, a project funded by the Erasmus+ Program which proposes circus as a lever for social inclusion and awareness.

The playful aspect will mix with the educational arts and the charm of circus disciplines, offering everyone a vision of the pedagogy of the social circus.

The artistic and pedagogical staff of Tenrock,followed specific training in thanks to several Erasmus+ projects, in European contexts where the art of the social circus is strongly recognized. They will guarantee the possibility of experimenting with juggling, balancing, acrobatics on the ground and theater activities.

The workshops are open to girls and boys from the age of three and to anyone who wants to experiment with these fantastic arts which, through play, promote the acquisition of skills in different areas of development.
The diffusion of social circus activities is one of the main objectives of the Tenrock social cooperative, which aims at strengthening and disseminating a highly inclusive educational methodology.

Social circus activities are possible for everyone and allow strengthening of fine and gross motor skills, social and relational skills and introspective and concentration skills.
Experiencing the different disciplines will mean being able to recognize yourself in some of them and discover yourself capable.
Living the proposed activities will guarantee the possibility of expressing oneself through verbal and non-verbal languages.
Experiencing the playful and fun part of the circus arts will inevitably mean sharing it through looks and smiles and this sharing is the mission of the Tenrock staff.

How to participate
Participation is free just show up in Piazza della Repubblica at the Erasmus+ Space and get involved!
Contacts: TenRock Secretariat